The Sun Casts No Shadow by Mark Richardson – Book Tour

My most recent read was ‘The Sun Casts No Shadow’ by Mark Richardson. The story follows Wellington Thorneycroft, who’s daily norm is to pick pockets, have sex with prostitutes, take Ambrosia (the local drug) and survive the lull of the hot, and hellish life of the walled city. That is until he spots, a dark and mysterious woman who he is drawn to, with a wordless message, “we’ll escape together.”

Thorneycroft’s life takes a turbulent, and at times exhilarating turn, that will throw a continuous path of sex, drugs, violence, psychological challenges, and the ongoing hope for freedom from the sweltering imprisoned society of a city.

Richardson writes in an intense and descriptive format that made me, as the reader, get sucked into the story. Which at times was great, but there were certainly parts I had to close the page and re-enter as I was a little tripped out. At first, I didn’t actually like Thorneycroft, but with the evolution of his character, I warmed to him and by the end of the book I was completely invested in him.

I loved the descriptions of the dingy dives all the way through to the different experiences felt on the different types of Ambrosia. I also absolutely loved the way that Richardson took us in and out of Thorneycroft’s mind, at times it was hard to tell reality from his thoughts. That was a really clever element. I enjoyed trying to figure that out. I guess that is also something that is left open to interpretation for the readers.

Lilith is a powerful character, who I was kept intrigued about. Even after thinking I knew who she was, bam there was another added layer added to her character’s complexity. I honestly didn’t want to put this book down, and it helped that it was slightly larger print so I could focus on it better. Although, a word of warning, the ending will not be what you expect! I am still left hanging, hoping that Mark Richardson might write a second book to clear up lose ends. Please tell me you will…

I highly recommend ‘The Sun Casts No Shadow’ by Mark Richardson if you’re into something dark, psychological, and mystical, with a thud of violence, sex, and drugs. Grab your copy on Amazon here.

Words by Michelle Stannard

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