Something for Bebe by Neil White – Book Tour

Something for Bebe follows high school senior and intern, Maddy Holt and veteran journalist, Elliot Kruger, through a dark and dangerous adventure, following the the death of his wife, Bebe. Writer, Neil White’s words will take you through a very real brutal history in Bosnia, threatening notes penned by Elliot himself and murder.

It’s compelling from the start, and written in a style that makes it easy to imagine yourself in each of the character’s shoes. White cleverly intertwines the stories of Maddy and Elliot in a way that means you can see their challenges and experiences through their eyes, whilst still echoing the haunting history of Bebe’s life.

White weaves real history and trickles it into the lives of all of his characters. After the death of his wife, Bebe, the fast bond that he formed with Maddy, was something that further brought me in. Having two different levels of experiences, from different eras, joining together in sharing a common passion added a different depth.

I loved how the balance of story between both Maddy and Elliot was equal. It didn’t lean more to one than the other. With most books I’ve read before, it seems that the focus is always more on one character, so I liked the hopping back and forth way better. It makes for a much more engaging and exciting read.

I clung to my phone as I eagerly read page upon page, to find out what had happened to Elliot and the dangerous trail he was on. I didn’t want to leave the book for the night, because I wanted to remain part of Maddy and Grant’s race against time to prevent history from happening all over again. And that I did.

So, how did it end? I’ll leave that for you to find out! Would I recommend this book? Yes, absolutely. You’ll get captured in the moment and feel the adrenaline as the chase is on!

You can grab your copy of Something for Bebe on Amazon.

The Synopsis:

During Maddy Holt’s senior year in high school she interns for veteran journalist, Elliot Kruger. They quickly forge a close bond; however, after the death of his wife Bebe, Elliot abruptly disappears. Distraught and searching for answers, Maddy stumbles upon clippings detailing Elliot’s years as a wartime correspondent, threatening notes he’s penned, and a cryptic list of names; the first of which died mysteriously day’s earlier.

Convinced he’s embarked on a killing spree, ever obstinate Maddy jets off to Italy. Arriving in Trieste she is met by Grant Stanhope (a family friend), but not in time to prevent another murder. Using Elliot’s notes as a guide, Maddy and Grant race across the former Yugoslavia to Belgrade. But powerful unknown forces are at play and they are forced to flee in the dead of night.

Frightened, and not knowing where to turn, they head to the only place they can hope to find answers; a bucolic Bosnian village; Bebe’s hometown. There, they discover the shocking secrets behind the men Elliot is pursuing. The assumed identity of the final man on his list. And in a deadly race against time to stop history repeating.

Words by Michelle Stannard

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