Shakespeare goes to the future – Macbeth 2070

It’s clear by its title that Macbeth 2070 was going to take Shakespeare to a new era – well one that was based in the future at least!
Macbeth 2070 image
Whilst the principle of the story was very much the same as a classic version of Macbeth, Macbeth 2070 was based on Mars after The Earth had died and its population had resettled there. Set to be next in line to take charge of New London, Captain James Macbeth soon discovers that Commander Paul Duncan has a different agenda. With pressure from his wife, Macbeth becomes obsessed with murder and loses control. With a robot to hide the traces of his crimes and three children’s spirits to haunt his conscience will Macbeth loose himself forever or will someone discover his bloody antics before it’s too late?

Brought to you by Dramatic Productions (DP) and written by BAFTA award winner, John Foster I did feel that this version of Macbeth would be ideal for those studying it at school. Shakespeare can be hard to get a handle on at the best of times, but I felt that both DP and Foster removed the barriers and complexity in this piece and made it much more accessible for all. The stage set up was simple and effective, the space ship sound effects were minimal – in fact done with a dust bin lid but to a great affect and the acting talent was well done.

The basic set up of characters was followed through with just four actors, which I felt was done very well. Special mentions go to Steve James for his outstanding portrayal of Macbeth as he slips slowly into insanity and to Sadie Parsons (Macduff/Banquo) who played her characters which much needed personality and gave them something a little bit extra (being a female playing male roles).

All in all I felt Macbeth 2070 offered something a little different to the norm, and being a fan of both sci-fi and Shakespeare it was inevitable that a crossover would reel me in – hook, line and sinker!

Words by Michelle Stannard
Photo courtesy of the Lighthouse


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